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All building components are evaluated during an inspection, which range from :

Exterior - The condition of the siding, regardless of the material, how has it held up during its life? Is it performing as intended, if not, why not? Is this an application error, or material failure? Lack of maintenance issue? Has the building settled? Has it shifted or sagged? How are the windows, how is the "skin", or waterproofing ability of the building, is it doing what it was intended to? Does it need help, or repair?

Roofing - Was the material installed correctly, does it look like a professional did the work, or was it a weekend warrior, with help from friends? Will this impact the life expectancy of the material? Will it fail prematurely because of an installation error? Have the elements taken their toll, and is the material close to the end of its life? How long will this last before you need to  replace it?

Structure - How has the building performed during its life, is it starting to show signs of fatigue, is this something that can be repaired, or is it a bad omen towards its future?  Was it the foundation, grading, roof run off, poor construction, poor maintenance? Is it fixable?

Grading - Very important to the well being of a home, often overlooked by inspectors, but critical to the success of the foundation and building exterior. What is failing, and why? Is it correctable/reversible, does it spell failure for the property?

Electric - Did a licensed electrician do the work, or a handyman with limited knowledge? Does it follow national electric code recommendations, local codes? How far behind is it from complying, does it all need to be replaced, is it safe? Will it cost alot?

Plumbing - Important to the health and well being of your family, does it look like a licensed plumber did the work, or a jack of all trades without proper training ? Will this affect the operation of the system, or your health, possibly both? What is the age of the water piping, why is the pressure so low in the faucet, is this something that can be fixed, do we need to replace all of the water pipe? What's involved with the correction? Is it expensive to fix?

Heating - How old is the furnace or boiler, how long do they typically last, do I need to replace it? Is it energy efficient? Was it installed properly, is there balanced heating or cooling, why is the second floor so warm compared to the first floor or basement? Can it be fixed, if so, will it be expensive?

Interiors - Often,  material failure inside a home indicates another problem exists under the surface, is your inspector experienced enough to recognize the warning signs, and catch a potential problem, or a defect in the making? Is this a bad paint job, or is something leaking inside the wall there, if it is leaking, what is it, where did it come from?

Appliances - How old is the stove or fridge, does it even work,  is it energy efficient, will it last much longer, do I need to buy a new one?